Thursday, March 29, 2012

As you wish

More from me in today's Ticket in The Daily Herald!

Photo by Chad Whitlock for Desert Star Playhouse

First, I did another article about the Desert Star Playhouse. Their show "CSI: Provo - DNA Decaffeinated" finished its run, and next up is "The Princess Bridesmaid."

At first I was a little worried about writing something so similar to what I had written before, but I think it turned out to be not repetitive.

As you wish: Classic gets spoof with 'Princess Bridesmaid'

My second article was a lot of fun, because it reminded me of my New York City internship. The singers, dancers and actors from BYU go on a trip to Los Angeles and New York every year, and put on a "show" for a crowd of agents, casting directors and other professionals in the entertainment industry. It's essentially a mass audition, and the goal is to get the seniors hooked up with an agent. A ton of BYU grads have started their careers that way, including the lead roles in the "War Horse"  and the "Legally Blonde, the Musical" national tours.

Showcase offers BYU seniors opportunity to strut their stuff

And you should go to the Showcase website. There's not a lot there, but there's a cool surprise. Hint: don't actually click on anything until after the surprise.

The briefs:

Sound Hot Ticket: Get ready to rumble! (Joshua James vs. Isaac Russell at the Velour this weekend)

Perfect Date: 'Labour' gives love a good name ("Love's Labour's Lost" playing at BYU)

Sound briefs: When the saints come leaping in

Arts briefs: Come on and get flappy

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