Thursday, January 12, 2012

My Daily Herald debut!

My first articles for The Daily Herald!

'CSI: Provo' places Desert Star in Happy Valley

Photo by Chad Whitlock, Desert Star Playhouse

Have any of you ever heard of the Desert Star Playhouse in Murray? I hadn't until this assignment. But it sounds hilarious. It sounds like Divine Comedy, but instead of sketches it's a whole play. They like to make lots of Utah/Mormon jokes, but their latest is more specifically making fun of Utah. (And, I almost got to interview a "celebrity" for it ... if only Nick Whitaker had called me back!)

Perfect date: This is not your Toto's 'Africa!'

The Herald does a "perfect date" every week. For this week I basically summed up an article published last week about the "Africa!" show going on at the SCERA.

(I don't quite get the headline ... and I don't remember writing "Get in touch with your African roots -- whether or not you actually have any or not." Don't know how that got there.)

I also did a couple of briefs, which is really just abridging press releases:

Arts Briefs - Jan. 12, 2012

Sound Briefs - Jan. 12, 2012

I also did a short article (like the "Perfect date" above) about the next BYU Young Ambassadors show. For some reason it's not online, but if you have a copy of Thursday's Daily Herald, you can find it in "The Ticket."

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  1. Great job, Dude! I'm proud of you and so glad you're enjoying your new job.


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