Thursday, March 1, 2012

"Endure to the end" = "Rock on!"

I have two really fun articles in today's Daily Herald.

The Broadway musical "Rock of Ages" is coming to Salt Lake this weekend. I remember the posters and ads for it while we were living in New York, and the movie looks completely epic according to the trailer. So it was fun to learn more about it and look at it from Utah's angle.

Revved up 'Rock of Ages' to revive '80s hits at Kingsbury Hall

It was fun to write, too. Here's my lead:

"What if Brigham Young had followed his famous 'This is the place' declaration with, 'And we shall build this city on rock and roll'?"

And the kicker:

While Brigham Young would say perhaps, 'Let us press forward,' Lonny, Regina and the rest of the 'Rock of Ages' cast know what he really meant to say: 'Rock on!' "

That's a cartoon waiting to happen.

Photo courtesy of Scott Schuman/'Rock of Ages' national tour
For my second article, I got to interview Peter Murray and Jennie Wayne from John Heart Jackie. I had heard of them, but hadn't heard their music. But I found some of their songs online and really liked them. And the interview was great, we talked for like 40 minutes. At the end, they invited me to their show, not like a PR move but like they really wanted to meet me in person. Super cool, down-to-earth people. I hope they make it big (not only because they're awesome but also so I can say I knew them before they were big, haha).

Portland duo throws heart into music, plays at Velour tonight

Photo courtesy of Ben Moon/John Heart Jackie

And, the briefs:

Perfect date: Nobody do, like 'Xanadu'

Sound Hot Ticket: The sound of 'Continued Silence' (I hadn't heard any Imagine Dragons music before this, and I really liked it.)

Sound briefs: Bringing Dixie to Provo

Arts briefs: Echo! (Echo... Echo... ) (One of these briefs is a preview of a story I'll be writing for next week.)

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