Saturday, October 31, 2009

Redirection Once Again

As you can see, what I thought would turn into more spare time after getting married instead turned into disappeared spare time. Blogging has been reserved to the back back back burner. No complaints though. I mean, would I rather babble and pontificate on an obscure blog, or take care of my marriage with the most beautiful woman in the world?

Among our many newlywed activities, Erin and I have started up a joint blog. It may be perplexing that I start up three blogs in one year, but that is indeed the case. Our new blog will the the principal source for all J.J. &a Erin Despain updates. I do intend to hang onto this blog, although I'm not quite sure what to do with it. Maybe this will be a place for the journalism articles, etc. that I feel like sharing. (By the way, I'm officially part of the BYU journalism program!) Or maybe this will be where I come when I get the urge to comment on something that doesn't fall under the category of "J.J. & Erin Despain updates" (which will consist of very little, since "J.J. & Erin" is everything). Anyway, this blog is now being relocated to the sidelines. Adjust your blog following accordingly.

Also, the blog's format is changed back to something that allows for comments to blog posts. So if any of you have just been dying to leave your mark on my blog, that access has returned.

See you over at The Despain Family! blog!
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