Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Travel Lightly

Here's today's column:

Travel lightly

Last Friday, I was browsing around looking for something to discuss in today's J Squared. Soon before clock out time, I found it.

Speaker Nancy Pelosi To House Members: Fly Coach

It sounded interesting to me, and it reminded me of something I saw on Anderson Cooper 360° a few weeks ago. Utah Representative Jason Chaffetz, who just began his first term last year, opted to not buy a place in Washington, D.C. and instead spends weeknights in his office. He would rather save the taxpayer's money and sleep on a cot. So I connected Pelosi's new rules and Chaffetz's sleeping habits into one column.

From the little I know about Chaffetz, he seems to me to be a typical "party of no" Republican. But I did admire this about him. Maybe it's just a political stunt, but I'm falling for it.

There was something else about Chaffetz I thought was interesting but couldn't fit into my article anywhere:

"The only good place for a sage grouse to be listed is on the menu of a French bistro."

And here are the other sites I used to research for my article on Chaffetz:

Freshman Congressman Sleeps on Cot
A politician hits the cot?
A fitful night's sleep on a cot in the Capitol
Congressman sleeps on cot to save cash


  1. Indeed Chaffetz does some good in saving cash but I still feel he is a strong "party of no" member.


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