Monday, March 5, 2012

So Cavalier

I got my first law school rejection today, from Virginia.

Not a waitlist, just a plain old "no."

That's okay though. I wasn't thinking too seriously about Virginia because I wasn't sure if I could get in. I was mostly just taking advantage of the application fee waiver they offered.

And we did get a little teddy bear from them at the BYU Law School Fair. So I got my swag, I'm good.

That means I still have yet to hear from Stanford, Duke, UC Davis and Arizona State.

We're getting close to crunch time on deciding a school. I know it's a self-imposed deadline, and that I could pay a deposit at more than one school and buy myself more time. But Erin and I want to have a firm decision soon, and keep the waffling time to a minimum. It would help us plan the rest of our summer better, we can have more time to find an apartment at wherever we go, etc.

I made some cool pros and cons charts that we're going to fill out tonight. A fun family home evening activity!

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