Thursday, August 11, 2011

Gainfully Employed!

Besides preparing for law school, the other urgent need to attend to this summer was finding a job. When I left for New York, I also left behind my job at The Daily Universe, with no guarantee of getting it back. A place like The Daily Universe has a lot of turnover every semester, because most of the BYU journalism students like to work there if they can. And I had been there for a year, so it made sense to give someone else a turn. But I also would have loved to come back, even if I wasn't a sports editor again.

Just in case, I submitted applications and resumes to a bunch of other on-campus jobs. But only half-heartedly, until I heard back from the Universe. And I did!

I got a call on Monday from R.J., the multimedia editor, who sounded really excited to recruit me for the web desk. I'm coming back as a web editor! It will be great, because I get to come back to the Universe but it will still be something new. The web editor works on the website's multimedia, like photos, slide shows and videos. The curriculum for the journalism program is changing this semester so that the lines between print and broadcast are blurred, and the reporters will be doing more multimedia projects and I get to help them with that. I have some experience (the sports desk was the guinea pig for trying out the new Wordpress system last spring, plus I've done some video editing), but I'll also be learning a lot. R.J. also mentioned that I'll be able to do the Daily Universe football podcast! I'm really excited for college football to start, and this podcast will be a good way to stay connected to sports journalism. It will be like having a sports radio show, it will be awesome. And having more skills with computers, web design and multimedia never hurts nowadays.

So I'm excited to be back! it football season yet?

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