Sunday, September 20, 2009

On the eve of our one month anniversary

Now, for a post-wedding blog post:

We have been married for almost exactly one month. It feels like it's been forever though. I don't mean that negatively or cynically. You know how before you were 16, and you wanted your driver's license so badly, but then after a month of driving, it felt like you had been driving all along? Like you were already used to it? That's what I mean.

The wedding and reception in Texas was a fun and impressive event. I think it was the most fun reception I've ever been to, even if it weren't my own. All the credit goes to SueAnne, her family, and their army of absolutely loyal Tomball Ward friends. Some of those friends would do absolutely anything for SueAnne and Erin. Anything. Also worth commending is the fact that Erin had 20 grandparents, aunts, uncles and cousins come from as far away as Utah and Arizona! (My two grandmothers and my uncle made the trip to Houston too.)

The day after the reception Erin and I went to Galveston to ship out with Carnival Cruise Lines to Progreso and Cozumel, Mexico. I am now an avid proponent of cruises. It's a hotel, restaurant, and airplane all rolled into one. Plus, it feels free (because everything was paid in advance)! The ship itself was a little retro-futuristic, like Epcot and a Las Vegas casino put together. Erin and I found out that a lot of the ship's entertainment is based on their notion that you like to smoke, drink, and gamble. But even though we don't do any of those things, we still found plenty to do. Like eat. (Plus, 24-hour room service!)

Our ports of call were Progreso and Cozumel. This was actually our first time in Mexico, and Erin's first time being really out of the United States. Driving through Progreso on the bus was just like all the bus riding I did in Argentina. Two hours from Progreso we got to the Chichen Itza pyramids and got a grand tour. We didn't get to climb the pyramids, but we did find some iguanas! The next day was our stop in Cozumel. We wandered around the island a little bit, buying souvenirs and dodging the taxi drivers who tried to coerce us into rides (and our American dollars).

The very day we landed back at Galveston, we kept going (via air) and landed again in Salt Lake. The next day we moved into our apartment and Erin got a job! Since then we've been chuggin' right along in school. Both Erin and I applied to our majors, and are waiting to hear back. We're pretty confident, but we still wouldn't mind if you wished us luck! (I applied for Communications and Erin is going for Elementary Education.)

I could bore you with more historical accounts, but I would rather talk about how great it is to be married to Erin.

Like I said earlier, it feels like I've been married to Erin all along. She and I are so perfect for each other. Not that I'm perfect, I still have a long ways to go. But we match up perfectly. She is my motivation to be less stubborn and selfish. And she gets a little confidence and assertiveness boost from me.

Erin is such a great wife. Our little home gets homier and homier every day. She makes shopping lists, cooks from scratch with our new quesadilla maker, decorates our walls, calls the bank and auto insurance companies, and armed with her charm gets our electricity hooked up early. Erin takes good care of me.

And that's just now. When I think of what the future holds for us, I just get excited. In the midst all that awaits us, Erin will continue to amaze me. She will be a great new mother, minivan driver, soccer mom, PTA president, visiting teacher, Girl Scout leader, high school booster club treasurer, team mom who brings oranges and Capri-Suns to the Little League games...and/or similar things. This family-centered life is about as cheesy as it can get. But that's what I've always wanted, and in Erin I have someone who will do it all with me.

I could go on and on and on, but I'll save the rest for future anniversaries.

I love you, Erin!

For all you blog fans out there...Erin and I will be running a blog for the two of us. We haven't posted anything yet, but here's the link: Keep it on your radar, we should have some things to see and read soon. And if we don't, complain to us.

P.S.: I shouldn't talk about our wedding without mentioning Beth and Jamie! (Since they are among the few who read my blog! :) ) Both came down to Texas for the wedding and reception, and Jamie was able to go to our reception in Oregon and open house in Utah. Both girls gave up so much and did so much work, just because they love Erin so much. Thanks for all your support and for being so much fun to have around!
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