Thursday, March 8, 2012

There's an echo in here

I'm a little bit late getting this online. But here are my stories in today's Ticket in The Daily Herald.

Say it again: Echo Theatre debuts with 'Woman in Black'

A newly married couple opened up a new theater in Provo this week. In fact, the couple were getting married and renovating the theater at the same time. Which gave me a nice angle for my story.

Springville museum highlights best work by high school artists

It's the 40th Annual All-State High School Show at the Springville Museum of Art, and this week we finally fit in a story about it. I was a little worried that this one wouldn't turn out very well, because I was waiting a long time for interviews. Because they're high school kids, I couldn't just get their contact info directly. Nicole Valencia at the museum could only give them my contact info, and I had to wait for them to get back to me. But, luckily, I was able to talk to a boy and a girl from Utah Valley, and an extra kid from near Logan. So it turned out all right.

"Ocean Voyage," by Sam Furner from American Leadership Academy

And, the briefs:

Sound Hot Ticket: Wherefore art noir? - This band's sound is like the soundtrack to "O Brother, Where Art Thou?" but still unique. They call their sound "junkerdash."

Sound Briefs: Past meets present - What do Jethro Tull and Nickelodeon have in common? Click here to find out.

Arts Briefs: Laundry love - Stuff going on at the library, plus Alpine Community Theater is doing "Annie" in July.

Instead of Perfect Date this week, I did the Arts Hot Ticket.

Arts Hot Ticket: We've got spirit... - Dance show at UVU

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