Thursday, May 27, 2010

"Raw" Politics

Here's today's J Squared column:

Body slam at the Capitol

I was proud of this one. It was pretty straight-forward, nothing too fancy. But I liked it because I felt like it was an original idea. Instead of just taking an issue and giving my opinion of it, I had the idea of comparing all the pro wrestlers who have gone on to the political scene. I don't know if it really ended up that way, because I spend most of the article on only Linda McMahon. But I thought it would be cool to take Jesse Ventura, McMahon and maybe even Arnold Schwarzenegger and measure them up against each other. Anyway, I thought this was a unique thing to write about.

Also, I wrote a house editorial about Harvey Unga:

More important things

My boss Rich found an article written by John Walters at that praised BYU and Harvey Unga for its consistency and responsibility in handling Unga's situation. If Unga were another person and if BYU were another school, Unga probably in the first place would have kept whatever problems he had covered up. And if some problems were discovered, BYU would have given a light slap on the wrist and kept its star athlete around because of his potential to draw in ticketholders. But, both Unga and BYU did the more noble thing. Unga will definitely be missed this fall, but instead of complaining and condemning him, we should be understanding and forgiving.

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