Tuesday, May 25, 2010

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Hey there, J Squared fans.

Today's column is about the Texas Board of Education's recent overhaul of their history and social sciences curricula. The majority of the board has felt the need to have more conservative textbooks in the classroom, and last week the board voted and passed some of the proposed changes.

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(If you go to the website you won't see my brilliant headline, just the subheadline. But if you see today's paper or look up the PDF file on the Daily Universe website, you'll see it there.)

I cycled through a few non-argumentative columns the past couple weeks. Time to bring on the controversy again, haha. Actually, the way I wrote the article you can tell I'm definitely on a certain side but I'm not passionately adamant, and I acknowledge the parts of resisting "progression" that I agree with.

In my "sign-off" line at the end of the article, I give a shout out to my father-in-law Carl. I hope he likes that.

When I came into work today, my boss Rich brought to my attention that I didn't mention anything about textbooks and textbook writers who do stick to the middle of the road. Of course, many textbooks, historians and professors do keep it moderate and show both sides of history. I didn't include that in my article. Rich said it wasn't necessary to address that in the paper, but I figured I might as well do that here. For the record, I don't think all historians or textbooks are extreme, in either direction. I'm glad to have multiple points of view on historical events, and to then be able to draw my own conclusions. Isn't that what real education should be?

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