Thursday, May 13, 2010

Who is Elena Kagan?

Today's J Squared column:

The honorable judge?

I did something a little bit different in this column. I presented a list of facts without passing any judgment or taking any side. Honestly, I don't want to rally around Elena Kagan simply because President Obama picked her. So I'm in the process of deciding one way or the other about Kagan, and I wrote my article that way. (I think I also wanted a break from argumentative responses to my articles.)

Here's a cartoon to go with it:

Can you guess who's in the circus? Kudos to anyone who can name the three Senators in the ring. (Hint: two are Democrats, and two are on the Senate Judiciary Committee.) If no one has any guesses (or if nobody reads my blog), I'll post the answers next week.

And, does Kagan remind you of anyone? Or is it just me?

Doesn't Kagan look like the kid from Two and a Half Men?

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