Tuesday, May 11, 2010

"I'm Not Afraid to Get All Mavericky in There"

Today's J Squared column brings to light a graduate thesis I found via The Huffington Post. A graduate student at Princeton created a way to mathematically measure a politician's "maverickness." Pretty interesting.

Here's the link to my story:

McCain Falling Short

I actually had a different headline, plus a cartoon that went with this story. After I clocked out last evening, the cartoon was taken out to make space and the headline was changed because I guess I'm supposed to have a headline plus a subheadline. So, those original components are missing from the paper, but all you loyal blog readers get to see them anyway!

My brilliant headline was " 'I'm not afraid to get all mavericky in there' ." Any guesses on where I got that from? I liked it better than what the headline ended up being...the new headline sort of makes me sound more accusatory, jaded and bitter. I didn't really mean that at all. (And I hope people who actually read the article will know I don't mean it.)

And here's the quick little cartoon I did:

Nothing fancy, just a funny little graphic to go with the article.

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