Thursday, May 20, 2010

Hot Off the Press

I got on my soapbox again for today's edition of J Squared.

Honoring a martyr - Fighting for press freedom

President Obama signed into law the Daniel Pearl Freedom of the Press Act this week. The law puts emphasis on paying attention to other country's attitudes on freedom of the press when those countries are evaluated for human rights conditions by the Department of State.

I took this event as an opportunity to preach about the noble profession of journalism. For any of you who remember me from before 2008, you'll remember my one and only career goal was to be a Disney animator. Well, after two rejections from BYU animation I had to find a plan B. But maybe this was supposed to be plan A all along. I've always liked the idea of being a journalist, and I love to write (and I'd like to think I'm pretty good at it). I cheer for and revere journalism, and it was fun to take the opportunity to do it in this column.

(For any of you who were around The Daily Universe last semester ... you might pick up a slight trace of rebellion and stickittothemaneosis.)

Other possible topics I could have written about today:

Politicians who bolt for the other party (read: Arlen Specter)
Recent primary elections for the 2010 midterms
Where is the Great Mormon Novel?

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