Thursday, April 29, 2010

Other Highlights from April 29, 2010

For today's paper I also wrote some high praise for the BYU women's rugby team:

Y women's rugby team sticks to faith

It was nice to write about some positive news. There's never enough of that. (Although, The New York Times put the whole event in a pretty negative light. I'll be honest, I've always liked The New York Times but right now they are down a couple notches for me.)

And, here is my latest cartoon for the opinion page:

And, in case you aren't aware of what's going on in the Nevada Senate race, here's Stephen Colbert to explain it:

Colbert Report - InDecision 2010 Midterm Elections - Sue Lowden

And, to check out the rest of the page (there are some interesting letters to the editor), click here and go to page 3.


  1. I didn't read the article about it by The New York Times, but I was really impressed with this article written by a guy from
    he says himself that though it's not what he would choose to do that it is something to be admired in this day and age.

  2. Yeah, I read that article too. He did a good job. And I liked his list of similar events in history, like the "Chariots of Fire" and Sandy Koufax. That was interesting.

    The coach's quote at the end of my column actually came from that article.


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