Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Winners of the 6th Daily Universe Caption Contest!

The results* of the 6th Daily Universe Caption Contest:
Well, thanks to the overseeing eye of the BYU administration, we actually had to eliminate a few of the already low supply of caption contest entries due to the recent resurgence of administrative censorship.

Here's the original winner before it was axed by the "thought police":

"Oh, doom, did Elder Christofferson just say 'social justice'?" - Parker Brown, Eagar, Ariz.

Here are the ones that were fit to print:

First place:"Yeah, my HDTV stays on the Fox News channel." - Kyle Pulsipher, Mesquite, Nev.

Second place:
"I hope Brother Reid is watching." - Doug Vanderwerken, Scotia, N.Y.
*(page 3)


  1. What kind of censorship is going down? Is this because of the nudey pics that weren't even mentioned in your newspaper?

  2. I believe so. I don't know the whole story, because I'm not quite an official editor yet so I'm not in the official loop. But here's a list of what I know has been scrutinized or flat-out cut out of the paper:

    - In today's story about Redbox and Netflix, they had to make sure in the photo there weren't any rated R movies visible on the Redbox machine
    - A story about using the term "Mormon" instead of "LDS" or something else
    - I don't know what story it was for, but there was some science story and there was a paragraph taken out involving the study of sexual intercourse among rabbits.

    That's all I heard or all I can remember. Maybe once I take over at the Issues & Opinion desk I will inherit the inside scoop.

  3. Those darn Mormons at the daily universe! Such a bad influence on kids these days...
    Already some material for the opinions page, huh? Unless that gets censored out, too...

  4. The rabbits story wasn't even about a study. The paragraph just used the phrase "mate like rabbits." I will email you the "inside scoop," as you put it, sometime soon, because you deserve to know. There are many, many more ridiculous examples where that came from.

    A DU staff member who should remain unamed while editorializing on a public forum

  5. and JJ, you should totally forward that email to me once you get it. I'm always up for the latest gossip.


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