Thursday, February 9, 2012

Please turn your cell phones ON

Another week, another selection of stories in The Daily Herald.

Why wi-fi? Because theatre is hot spot for 'Rings of the Tree'

This play is doing I've never heard of before: it actually encourages you to keep your cell phone on. The play utilizes QR codes and links and online videos to give audiences a whole new level of interactivity. Pretty cool.

It's also interesting that all this cutting-edge technology is being used with a story set in the Victorian era. But, the playwright and one of the producers hinted that the technology may have more to do with the story than you might think...

Courtesy of Imminent Catharsis Media

'Big Band Night' explores music and war themes of the 1940s

It's Big Band Night again at BYU. I've never been, but it seems like a really fun and important event.

And, the briefs:

Arts Briefs: Windmills and pirouettes

Sound Briefs: Calling all singers

Perfect Date: For you and your tweet-heart

And the Sound Hot Ticket isn't online, but it's a brief about the Oak Ridge Boys.

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