Friday, February 3, 2012

A cheer from the hometown team

I got an email earlier this week from a woman at the BYU Law School admissions, asking me to come in for an appointment with Dean Carl Hernandez. And that was all the information she gave me.

I made an appointment, not really sure what it was for. I guessed that maybe it was part of the admissions process, that BYU liked to interview any of its candidates who happened to live nearby. Maybe it was to tell me in person what the committee's decision was, but I didn't know for sure.

Well, it turns out it was to tell me the decision. I was accepted! And with a scholarship!

The interview was great. Dean Hernandez had some great wisdom, and he shared it in a way that seemed like he knew me pretty well. One thing that I liked was toward the end of the interview, he said something like, "Ultimately, you should go to wherever is best for you." He knew that BYU Law School is great for some people, but for others who have already "entered to learn" should then "go forth to serve."

I'm not ruling out BYU yet. Leaving Provo would be a great adventure, but BYU has a lot of benefits. Thanks to the "Mormon Club," it has a wider influence and unique network that makes the school more advantageous than a lot of higher-ranked schools. And, even without the scholarship, you can't beat the price.

If we did stay in Provo, we would probably still progress in that we would move from our apartment and maybe rent a house. And we would maybe move to a regular, family ward. So we would still have a new adventure.

So, even though I thought of BYU as a "backup school," we're still keeping our options open.

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