Thursday, February 23, 2012

Shangri-La? El Dorado? Sloppy Joe's?

This week's edition of The Ticket for The Daily Herald:

'Xanadu' brings roll to rock at Hale Center Theater Orem

Photo by Pete Widtfeldt, courtesy of HCTO
I had a lot of fun writing this one, especially the lead and the kicker (or, in non-journalist terms, the beginning and the end). "Xanadu" was a Broadway hit that is now coming to Orem. It's the story of a sidewalk chalk artist, down on his luck, who is inspired to open a roller disco by Greek muses who descend from Mt. Olympus disguised as Australian roller derby queens. Yeah.

The story first came as a 1980 movie, and it was a huge flop. But the Broadway version 27 years later was successful because it kept the music and made fun of the rest of the movie.

The people I interviewed from the Hale Center Theater Orem were great and loved talking about this musical and how weird and wonderful it is.

American Fork Symphony performing theme from 'Far and Away'

(This one doesn't seem to be online yet. I'll post the link when it's available.)

This one was kind of hard, because I didn't have much to go on. The American Fork Symphony was doing a concert ... and that was about it. But I'm surprised by what I was able to pull together.

Sound Hot Ticket: Dream for 'Requiem'

Perfect Date: When the curtain falls

Sound Briefs: Opera mix tape

Arts Briefs: Dance and shout, the Cougarettes are out

For next week, I'm doing an article on another Broadway hit. "Rock of Ages" is coming to Utah. Should be interesting.

*Hey, does anyone get the title of this blog post? If you do, then you win for being cool and knowing classic movies (hint, hint).

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