Friday, January 27, 2012

Woodstock Rock and Resurrection

My stuff in today's Daily Herald:

Bloom goes back on the rose at UVU production of 'Secret Garden'

For all of you who loved "The Secret Garden" as a kid, you can see it on stage at UVU starting this week. Everyone I talked to was really into it, and the publicity photos look amazing.

Fare play: Gypsy Cab offers ticket to rock Saturday at Velour

This one was a lot of fun. I had heard of Gypsy Cab, and I liked what I heard on YouTube.

It's good ol' fashioned Hendrix and Zeppelin style rock. Love it.

The interview was great too, especially for being through email.

And the briefs:

Sound Hot Ticket: Paint the town Paisley

Perfect Date: 'Thank you, I've been here all week' (Brian Regan at Abravanel Hall)

Arts Briefs: Wash it down with some arsenic

I also did another Sounds Brief, but it doesn't seem to be online.


This Daily Herald update is a little late because I'm blogging from Colorado. My family and I are here for a funeral, my aunt Pam passed away early Monday morning.

It's been great to see so much family. I haven't seen my uncle David and his kids in 10 years, and I haven't seen Kay in almost that long. But of course, it's a sad occasion that brings us together. It's especially sad after a funeral on the other side of my family less than four months ago.

Pam was always a joy to be around and always had a quick sense of humor. One of my favorite memories with her was our trip to the Grand Canyon. My dad, my three oldest siblings and I each took a friend to hike to the bottom of Havasupai Canyon, and Pam was my dad's "friend." She didn't always have great health (she came home early from her mission in Guatemala because of medical problems), but she was always adventurous.

She was diagnosed with colon cancer a couple of years ago. She swung back and forth between feeling healthy and feeling miserable, until last week she took a turn for the worse. Even though we knew this day was coming, the day came sooner than we anticipated.

I'll sure miss Aunt Pam. I am so grateful for the restored gospel that has restored answers to the universal question: where do we go after we die?

Alma 40: 11-12

I know that although I miss Pam, this won't be goodbye forever. In the grand scheme of things, it's really just a moment that I won't be able to see her. Thanks to the Atonement of Jesus Christ, we will all be resurrected and we will see each other again.


Coming up for The Daily Herald: an interview with Richard Sterban of The Oak Ridge Boys! They're coming to town, and I was assigned to do the story. He might be the biggest celebrity I've ever interviewed, definitely the biggest musical celebrity. And the interview went great. We talked for 25 minutes, and he opened up and told all kinds of great stories. Look for the story next Thursday!

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