Wednesday, January 4, 2012

And the chorus sang 'Hallelujah'

So the LSAT scores finally came today. And I couldn't be more surprised and ecstatic!

I got a 167!

To put that in context: that's the 94th percentile. A perfect score is 180, Ivy League range is anywhere in the 170s. (Elle Woods got a 179.)

Definitely way more than I expected. If you remember, in my practices leading up to the December LSAT I was getting 166 consistently. But, you might also remember that the morning of the test was stressful, to put it mildly. So I was hopeful that I would get better than my October score of 161, but not up to 166. And a part of me was a little worried that my crazy morning would have more of an effect than I thought, and that I would still be close to or right at 161. And a smaller part of me worried it would be worse than 161.

I would have never seriously predicted a 167!

This is pretty exciting news. This means I'm much more likely to get in to every school on my list, and many of them I'll be in "automatically." Now that Texas, Notre Dame, Virginia and Minnesota are no longer "reaching" schools, I think I'll add a couple more to my list, like Duke and Stanford.

Here's where that Law School Predictor calculator (that I blogged about last time) stacked me with a bunch of schools, with my GPA and a 161 score:

And, here's that chart next to the 167 version:

Look at all those reds turns to yellows and all those yellows turn to green! It's a Christmas miracle!

And there was much rejoicing in the Despain home.

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  1. Congrats! That is absolutely amazing. Rarely do people get higher than their practice or jump that far from their first to second test. What a great thing for you! You are destined for greatness.

    My only advice as you apply: law school tuition has exploded in recent years and legal job salaries have not followed suit so if you get any scholarship of any kind consider it a great opportunity. Also, look less at the specific rankings of schools you want and more so at where they place their students once they get jobs.

    Good luck! Have fun making a decision and maybe if you're lucky you and Erin will want to go to the same school! :-)


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