Monday, January 16, 2012

In Like Flynn

All my law school applications are in!

I spent Saturday morning finalizing them. I still had BYU and Utah applications left over, plus I added Duke, Northwestern and Stanford after my surprisingly high LSAT score.

The BYU and Utah applications took longer because I wanted to write a personal statement from scratch, instead of basically reviving my original Texas and North Carolina statements and adapting them to each school.

The Stanford and BYU processes still aren't completely done. I need to do an ecclesiastical endorsement interview with my bishop for BYU. And for Stanford, I'm still waiting to see if I can get a fee waiver. I'm hesitant to pay the $100 fee for a school I might not get into and might not go to even if I did get in.

Other than those two things, I just sit back and wait.

Most of the schools I've applied to have a handy way to check my application status online. And I just so happened to discover that Baylor has already made a decision and the letter is in the mail! The time has come for decisions to start rolling in!

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