Thursday, January 19, 2012

Gotta Keep Your Head Up

Publicity photo by Josh Newton

My latest for The Daily Herald: an interview with Andy Grammer!

Singer-songwriter punctuates music with positive, upbeat vibes

I think the story turned out well. But I realized I'm not very good with interviewing musicians. I thought I had a good list of questions, but somehow we got through them really fast. I was only on the phone with Andy Grammer for like seven minutes. But, I used to not be very good at interviewing athletes, so I think I'll get better with this as my internship progresses.

At least it was fun! Andy is just as nice a guy as he seems in his concerts and videos.

(For the interactive version, go here.)

Here's my other story for The Daily Herald:

Woodbury exhibit provides platform for 'Hidden Voices'

This one was interesting. UVU started an art project with women in Utah Valley who were interested in expressing themselves through printmaking. These women talked about how they were finally able to talk in a way they couldn't before. And I also thought it was interesting how the printmaking process is analogous to their lives. I'm glad I got to do this story.

And, this week's "Perfect Date": another version of my "CSI: Provo" story from last week.

Perfect Date - CSI: Date night

This week's Sound Hot Ticket: a concert and a barbecue with the Zac Brown Band.

Sound Hot Ticket - Finger-licking good?

I actually only typed up the first of these Sound Briefs, the one about the local band Ferocious Oaks. The second one must have been added after I left on Tuesday.

Sound Briefs: These trees know how to party

And, this week's arts briefs:

Arts Briefs: Fairbanks comes to Orem

Oh, and did you know I put together the Billboard charts for The Daily Herald?:

Billboard charts for Jan. 19

Not like I'm showing any writing skill, just copying and pasting. But still, it's there because of me!

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