Saturday, September 3, 2011

More LSAT practice, plus charts!

This morning, while Utah State was playing Auburn, I went to the library to take another practice LSAT test. It had been a while since my last one, and right now I'm less than a month away from the real LSAT (October 1).

In general, I did better. I didn't leave quite so many questions blank when time ran out on the analytical reasoning section, like I did last time. Last time, I only answered 56.3% of the questions, this time it was 73.9% of the questions. But, as far as the questions I actually answered correctly, out of all the questions, it was only a little improvement: 43.4% correct as opposed to 41.7%. And when you take out the questions I left blank, then I did much worse: 58.8% correct as opposed to 74.1% correct before. So, overall, leaving fewer questions blank is helping me. But maybe picking up the speed means more errors.

The reading comprehension and logical reasoning questions seemed a lot harder this time! Even with that, I did better in some places and worse in others. Last time I averaged 78.5% correct on the logical reasoning sections, today I averaged 82%. I got 77.8% correct in the reading comprehension section, and last time I had 82.8%.

Even though I did worse in many ways, the bottom line is my score today was approximately 156, and when I practiced in July it was approximately 151. So that's an improvement. But, if you take away the questions I left blank for both tests, I got 160 in July and 159 today. Interesting. The fewer questions I skip, the better I will do. But my accuracy is going down.

Anyway, here are some charts that might explain these numbers better:




So, in other words ... I have a long way to go.


  1. Just keep studying. Your score will get up there.

  2. Have you ever seen Marshall's (from How I Met Your Mother) pie chart about what bars he likes and his bar graph on what kinds of pie he likes? This made me think of that, but hey keep up the good work!


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