Friday, September 23, 2011


So, right now BYU is playing UCF, but instead I'm in the library to blog my continuing LSAT practice tests. I had to take the practice test tonight instead of tomorrow, because I'm going on a field trip tomorrow to Cedar City. I wish I didn't have to miss the game, but tonight was the best time to practice. If only I could do everything...

Well, today went a lot better than last week. I got 158. It's still not close to my goal, and the real LSAT is only a week away. I'm going to try and study and practice all week next week. I'm coming to realize that I would probably do better if I weren't preparing for the LSAT while at the same time taking 14 credits at BYU. But I don't want to wait a year before trying to get into law school, I'd rather go as soon as I can. Which I guess means accepting an LSAT score lower than what my pure, absolute, no-other-influencing-factors best would be.

Here are some new charts. I did these a little differently: they show my average score, and instead of doing an individual chart for each section of the test I merged them into one test.

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  1. I believe in you. I had to change my expectations quite a bit after taking the LSAT but everything worked out.


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