Saturday, September 10, 2011

Prep Rally

Today was my first day of my BYU LSAT prep class. I already think it's going to be super helpful. They gave me a ton of practice material: three binders of old LSAT tests, two notebooks of practice problems, and not just one LSAT prep manual but three. It's a whole library full.

All we did in today's class was take a practice test. I got a 159! And that's not after taking out the questions I skipped, like I've done with my other practice tests. So, I guess I'm making progress.

I think having the obligation of a class that I signed up for and paid for will really help me get the practice I need. I really want to practice, and I even enjoy it (hence all the dorky charts and blog posts about it). But, when I'm also taking 14 credits, working 20+ hours at The Daily Universe, raising a one-year-old and helping my wife so that she can get her homework's hard to find the free time to escape to the library.

Speaking of dorky charts:

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