Friday, January 7, 2011

Winter 2011

With the end of Christmas vacation comes the beginning of a new semester for The Daily Universe.

I'm still a sports editor, but David Mortimer has graduated. I am now joined by Alex Hairston and Sarah Gambles, who were our football writers last semester. I spent a lot of time with each of them (Alex went with me to Colorado Springs, Sarah went with me to Fort Collins), and they're both a lot of fun to work with and are both good at what they do.

The reason we have three editors is because the sports desk gets to be the guinea pig for a new experiment at The Daily Universe. We are working on a new website, that will be more realistic according to the current journalism world. It's basically a Wordpress blog, so all of our reporters with their laptops will be able to upload stories from wherever they are, and we don't have to wait until the newspaper layout is being done before the stories can be read. The website is still in its preparation stages, so I'm not going to broadcast the link quite yet.

In all the craziness of having sports pages to fill and reporters to get stared on their beats, Alex, Sarah and I ended up doing a lot of writing on our own. Here's what I contributed:

BYU sports in action during Christmas break
- An article to catch up the student body on what football and men's and women's basketball did over vacation. (Here's another link, in case that first one doesn't work once the new website is up and running. For some reason it says Alex wrote it, but, I promise, it was me. :) )

The road to an NFL title is still a possibility for several former Cougars - This was a fun one to put together. Our copy chief and crazy-BYU-fan-in-residence, Brandon Judd, gave me a list of all the former BYU Cougars who are on teams in the NFL playoffs.

Let the experts speak* - Alex, Sarah and I each gave our predictions for the Wild Card Round of the playoffs.

The whole double truck* looks great. One of my new favorites.

(Oh yeah: Take a look at the photo that goes with this gymnastics story, and tell me if you recognize anyone in there.)

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