Tuesday, January 18, 2011

The Tucson tragedy, in the eyes of a father

I was thinking a lot about President Barack Obama's speech in Tucson. When I tuned in Wednesday night, his speech had an impact on me. My wife and I were both brought to tears, especially upon hearing the story of Christina Taylor Greene, the nine-year-old girl who was killed in that Tucson shooting and has become a symbol of the optimism and innocence that our country needs so much of.

I spent enough time thinking about it that over the weekend I was able to come up with a viewpoint for today's editorial page.

In the eyes of a father

The photo above is one I sent along with the editorial, in case there was room for it on the opinion page. I guess there wasn't, but that's one benefit of a blog! As much space as I want!

I also wrote one paragraph that, although I'll admit it was a big part of my motivation to write an editorial, didn't really fit with the mood and tone of the rest of what I wrote. So I'll include that here:

"Anyone who finds fault in this speech must be so entrenched in his conservative mindset that he is not only trying to score political points, but stubbornly won’t allow any points for Obama in the process. Regardless of my political beliefs, I can trust my president and his calm manner and thoughtful leadership."

It's a little attacking, which would have seemed out of place with the overall theme of my editorial. But, here it is on my blog, in case you're interested.

(Update: I got a nice compliment via e-mail from Bruce Young, who mentioned a similar blog post he wrote about Obama's speech and the next day's speech at BYU from Condoleezza Rice. From his blog, I found out that he is an English professor at BYU. Thanks for the response, Professor Young!)

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