Thursday, January 27, 2011

What a game.

Being a journalist can be the greatest job in the world sometimes.

I was lucky enough to have a seat at the Marriott Center last night and witness history being made.

It wasn't history because of the game itself, necessarily. BYU had beat San Diego State before. Jimmer had scored more points in earlier games. Two top ten teams in the Mountain West Conference is pretty rare.

But what really made it history was the environment surrounding the game. The hype and excitement leading up to the game might have been the bigger story.

The student section filling up at 6 p.m., more than two hours before tipoff.

At least the students acted like it. There was a beautiful white-out section, full of creative and hilarious posters and face paint. And the stadium was loud. I remember going to the Utah State game earlier this season, and it got really loud for the player introductions. But last night, it got that loud every time anything good happened for BYU. All game. And anything Jimmer did, it was even louder than that.

Which meant it was loud a lot. Because Jimmer was phenomenal. He made a believer out of everybody. (More on that here.)

Some additional game notes:

- Since I was an extra representative for The Daily Universe, I had to sit in the extra seating which was way up by the J Portal. The seats weren't bad, but when I went down to the main press row for the last minute game, there was quite a difference. Wish I were the basketball beat writer, haha.

- My Internet was working off and on, until a half hour before tipoff it quit for good and never came back on. I was frustrated and distracted the whole first half. Lucky for me though, the editorial I was planning was mostly written except for throwing in some final game stats. So I really only needed Internet at the end, so I figured I should pick up the wireless signal down on the floor. ... Nope, didn't work there either. So I literally ran to the JKB and got online there to finish up my editorial.

- I sat by The Daily Aztec's sports columnist Matt McClanahan. He was a cool dude. I probably would have chatted with him more if I weren't so distracted by my computer, but the conversation we did have was good. Nice guy. Here's what he wrote about the game: Jimmer hands SDSU its first loss. It's always interesting to see what an opposing team's student newspaper sees compared to what we see and write, haha.

- Jimmer was out of this world, but I wish the rest of the team could have made more shots. I especially felt bad for Jackson Emery, who probably could have benefited from all the NBA scouts there to see Jimmer but only had four points. On the other hand, our basketball beat writer Steve McCall pointed out that Emery did have four steals, six rebounds and held D.J. Gay to only two points. So maybe Emery put on a show for the scouts after all.

- A few of my favorite signs from the student section:

"You won't get a good night's sleep at this Marriott!"
"Kemba Who?"
"The Real King James"
"The Perfect Season Ends Tonight" ... after the game finished, flipped over to say, "Defeated"

To read my editorial, go here. And to read the long version, go here.

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