Monday, October 25, 2010

BYU's get-'Rich'-quick scheme

So it was my turn again to write a football viewpoint. Coming into the BYU vs. Wyoming game, I had no idea what to write about. Then, in the second quarter I saw Andrew Rich dive for a ball and crash into one of Wyoming's card tables. That's when I knew to write about Rich and what I've observed over the season.

BYU's get 'Rich' quick scheme

Even when BYU's defense has been in trouble, Rich has been able to make things happen. Against Wyoming, Rich only had four tackles ... but that's actually a sign of progress. (Read my viewpoint to find out more.)

Here are the other two football stories:

Not pretty, but it's a win - by Sarah Gambles

BYU fans rewarded for braving rain - by Alex Hairston

The last one was about something really cool that happened. At kickoff, the stadium was basically empty. Alex, Sarah and I were talking about how empty the stadium was. But soon after, the stadium filled up a bit more and the official attendance was recorded as 60,505. When someone brought it up in the postgame press conference, Bronco Mendenhall actually teared up a little bit. It was cool to see.

We also had a cool page for an NBA preview.

Here's the page: 2010-11 NBA Preview (go to page 5)

And here are the stories:

Newness Abounds - by Dallin Turner (not one of our sports writers, but the sports expert on the copy desk)

Predicting the East - Sarah Sanders

Predicting the West - Josh Bolding

Oh, and I received the grand honor of being invited to write for the Man Stuff blog. It was started by a few guys in my ward, and at an elders quorum activity Mike Smith and I were talking about sports and journalism and he asked me if I was interested in their blog. Pretty cool. I plan on writing an introductory post soon.


  1. Did I ever tell you that Rich and I went to K-12 together up in Ogden? We never talk (I guess once we had a brief little chat on campus a few years back) but I still tell everyone that we're friends. If he goes pro, I'm going to start telling people that we're best friend and that he tweets things at me during half-time.

  2. That's cool. I was thinking of going into his background a little bit, not only that he's from Ogden but that he's a walk-on athlete who transferred from Snow College. But I didn't have room/I forgot. From the two or three times I've interviewed him, he seems like a really cool guy. Smarter and more mature than the average football player, I would say.


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