Monday, November 1, 2010

Ansah learns all about football, America and life

I'm a little late getting this one up. This is the profile I wrote about Ezekiel Ansah, a BYU football player from Ghana.

(photo by Luke Hansen)

Ansah learns all about football, America and life*
(If that link doesn't work, click here and go to page 3:

This story took a long time to get in the paper. I wrote it way back before the Air Force game. We didn't want to run the story without photos, even if it was a photo of him on the sidelines. But I didn't realize that not only did Ansah not play, he didn't travel with the team. And then for the next home game, he didn't dress down.

I finally looked for pictures of Ansah online and asked the websites' permission to use their photos. But they didn't respond quickly enough for the story to run on Oct. 22., so the story had to wait. (They did respond, but it was a day late.)

Then, on the Oct. 23 home game against Wyoming, Ansah played! We got some pictures (thanks, Luke!), and the next week at practice I interviewed Ansah again and updated my story.

Anyway, on Oct. 29, the story was finally in the paper.


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