Thursday, October 21, 2010

This Week at the Sports Desk

1) I wrote another swimming story! The BYU swim and dive team will be part of the Mountain Pacific Sports Federation next year, which takes care of one of the sports that would be left out of a conference when BYU goes to the West Coast Conference.

Our swim beat writer had gymnastics practice the same afternoon we wanted the story done. So since I wasn't too busy, I went and did it myself. It was fun to see the swimmers again. And, I whipped out the story in less than an hour. I've come a long ways since I was a 321er.

BYU swim, dive finds a home in the MPSF

2) O'Neill Chambers was suspended for the rest of the football season, and will likely transfer to another school once this semester is over. Of course, BYU and Bronco Mendenhall don't give too many details on what Chambers actually did. But, we found out anyway.

Chambers offers his version of suspension

One of our football writers, Alex Hairston, found a way to talk to Chambers himself and get his side of the story. And we got it before Jay Drew or Greg Wrubell did. In less than 24 hours, the story got 1,700 hits on the website. Pretty impressive. Good work, Alex!

3) DU Halloween Party!

(I hope Kaye doesn't mind that I stole this picture from her Facebook page.)

I'm in the back with the sunglasses and the comb, I went as a '50s greaser. My wife Erin is in the witch hat and orange Halloween shirt, and she's holding our little kitty cat baby girl Allisyn.

To contribute to the massive collection of treats, Erin made "bone breadsticks." They are regular breadsticks, but before they are cooked each end is slit and spread apart to make the shape of a bone. Like this:

We also made a cool drink that I remember my family making when I was younger. The drink can be anything (we did a fruit punch mixed with vanilla ice cream, to sort of look bloody and gory). But the main feature is a floating hand in the punch bowl. All you do is fill a plastic glove with water (or anything, really) and put it in the freezer overnight. When it's time to serve the drinks, peel the plastic glove off the now solid hand and let it float.

(I had a bit of trouble getting the gloves off, because the fingers were stuck together. Most of them broke off. Hmm, maybe that adds to the Halloweeniness?)

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