Thursday, November 29, 2012

Another whack at it

This was my farewell to the Hawkeyes 2012 football season in yesterday's paper:

This one is sort a recycled version of a cartoon I did cartoons for The Dalles Chronicle while I was in high school.

Published on Tuesday, November 25, 2003, in The Dalles Chronicle
For three of my high school years, there were two high schools and two school districts in The Dalles. But during my junior year they started the process of merging districts and high schools, and by the time I started my senior year I went to a "new" high school. It ended up being great, but in the build-up to it, I was on a crusade to publicize to the world what a horrible idea it was. I did a handful of cartoons for The Dalles Chronicle, all of them criticizing the district merger (some pretty severely).

It's funny to look back on them and think about what a vendetta I had, but now with the gift of hindsight I know that merger ended up being awesome. I made a lot of new friends who I still keep in touch with today, and I had a great experience. Go figure.

To see more of my Dalles Chronicle cartoons, click here.

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