Tuesday, May 17, 2011


I figured out something.

The reason that responses were rolling in to my almost three-week-old blog post is because of my New Jersey Nets story. My editor told me about a blogger, Norman Oder, who does a lot of work reporting on the Atlantic Yards project and the Barclays Center. He linked to my Brooklyn Paper story and commented on it, and I guess he was really interested in my blog because he read 11 posts back from that Nets one. And even though that old post didn't have anything to do with Atlantic Yards, I guess it fit in with what he wanted to say about The Brooklyn Paper anyway.

I knew beforehand that I should be careful with what I say online, because anyone can read it and it can be permanent. But I guess I relearned this lesson the hard way. Most of the reason I wrote something up on my third day in Brooklyn was because I didn't think anyone would really read it, just a few Facebook friends maybe. I'm just an intern, I didn't think anyone would find me online. But now I know I should have waited until the culture shock died down before saying anything online.

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