Friday, September 3, 2010

Viewpoints for the Weekend

A viewpoint from me in the paper two days in a row:

The best of both worlds

In this one I give my take on the new two-quarterback system announced by coach Mendenhall. Instead of choosing between Riley Nelson and Jake Heaps, why not pick both?

I liked this one too. Maybe I can write about football after all.

My fellow sports editor David had a viewpoint in today too, this one about the running backs. Not only did that position open up during the offseason like the quarterback one did, it was left open by Harvey Unga. Unga would probably have been the biggest sports hero on campus if it weren't for his less-than-proud departure from BYU because of an honor code violation. Everyone misses Unga, and will miss him even more if the new running backs don't measure up.

Anyway, I'll let you read his viewpoint before I give it all away:

Are BYU running backs ready?

The whole newspaper today is actually really good, full of great football stuff from not only David and me but Brandon and a few 321ers.

A New Era

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