Friday, September 17, 2010

Guns and Love Letters

Guns and love letters: investigating 'Covert Affairs'

So this semester I'm in COMMS 377, feature writing. It's been fun so far and I think it will get even better. I like writing a little differently, more magazine style than newspaper. And just like COMMS 321, what I write is homework and can be used for The Daily Universe.

I finished a profile on Ezekiel Ansah, just waiting on some artwork to go with it before it's published. And then I also wrote something for a review assignment.

I picked "Covert Affairs," the newest show on USA Network that Erin and I have become big fans of. I figured I could come up with 250 to 350 words about it, plus the first season wrapped up this week so I thought it would be a good way to say, "Hey, this show just had a successful first season, check it out."

I turned it in to my professor, and he responded asking why I would do a review for a show that just ended. (The word he used was "mystified.") I don't disagree with him, he has a good point. Why recommend a show that's not on TV anymore? It makes sense.

But then, Matz the tab editor and Kaye the editorial manager for The Daily Universe read it and thought it was written well, so they talked about getting it into the Friday tab. I didn't really care whether it ended up in the paper or not. Then Matz called me Thursday night, letting me know that one of the tab's stories was pulled even after the paper was all laid out and ready to go, so there would be room for my review. Okay, cool.

Then I see it in the paper, and it just cracked me up because it's made to look like a bigger deal than I intended! Two photos, an infobox, and a pull-out quote. (Go to page 8 here.) Haha, I know all the extra stuff was just to fill up the page (because my review wasn't supposed to be very long). But hey, whatever works.

Anyway, it is a great show. Look for episodes online until time for season two!

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