Monday, September 27, 2010

"These things always happen in threes"

(skip to 1:47)

Today's paper has my first game column. I've written opinion columns having to do with football before, but this was my first one based on a particular game. You know, like real sports columnists do. This was also my first story to appear on The Daily Universe's special football pullout page* every Monday after a game.

My column is about bad things always happening in threes. It's certainly been that way for BYU football.

1) Two big losses in a row, to Air Force and Florida State
2) Riley Nelson out for the season with shoulder surgery
3) O'Neill Chambers being suspended

The week leading up to the game against Nevada definitely did not go in BYU's favor.

Hard-luck Cougars seeing bad things come in threes

The Nevada game was my first time actually covering a BYU home game. It was very, very cool. (It would have been cooler if we won, but oh well.)

This was my view from the press box.

And here is my complimentary meal from Tucano's.

*Go to page 4.

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