Thursday, July 15, 2010

Do You Suffer From Short-Term Memory Loss?

I was having a tough time coming up with something to write about for today's page. It seems like the only news I see these days has to do with the BP oil spill, and I've already said plenty about that.

But I did hear a little bit about Haiti again, now that it's been six months since the earthquake. And I saw a headline that said Bill Clinton was not only still in Haiti, but will be committed to its recovery for three more years.

So I talked about his post-presidential career as a humanitarian, something I think is impressive and admirable. And, ironically, it reminded me of the LDS Church.

Bet you'd never see Bill Clinton and the LDS Church in one editorial!

Long-term memory - Clinton doesn't forget Haiti

I really liked an e-mail I got from my good friend Bert (subject line: "I freaking love it"):

"Awesome article on clinton today.

"I think you're going to piss a whole lot of people off though.
Comparing bill Clinton to the church, instead of Satan, is just asking
for it.

"Just know that if everyone else gets really really pissed about it,
you made one person really happy.


Hahaha. Well, I haven't checked the inbox yet, so we'll see...

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