Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Cajun Ingenuity

Here it is, the column I've been meaning to write for a long time:

'Cajun ingenuity' - A real leader in war against BP oil spill

Billy Nungesser has just been very impressive to me as I've watched him on my Anderson Cooper 360° podcasts.

And, as it turns out, I wasn't the first one to come up with the idea:

Louisianan Becomes Face of Anger on Spill

Dispatches from the oil spill

I recently realized I need to make a correction. Earlier on this blog, and also in today's J Squared column, I identified Joe Barton as a senator. He actually isn't a senator, but a U.S. Representative. I apologize for getting those mixed up and not double-checking myself.

Also, briefly, I want to reply to a comment made on The Daily Universe website about my column on Gen. Stanley McChrystal. (If you want to read the comment, you can go here and look at the bottom of the page.)

I typed up a reply to the comment and submitted it, but in case it doesn't end up on the website, I'll include one here. I hope that 'chollan' (the username of whoever made the comment) finds my response here or on the DU website.

Of course Gen. Stanley McChrystal was punished for his contempt of a ranking official and sedition, not profanity. Of course his insubordination is the more serious issue. I know the profanity was only a secondary problem. If you read the column again, you will see that I talked about both the insubordination and the profanity, but I never claimed that McChrystal was fired just because he used the "F" word a few times. It was because he was "ornery, arrogant, insubordinate and skeptical." If it seemed like I made the profanity a bigger issue, I apologize.

And, my one-sentence bio that I write at the end of every column is just meant to be amusing. I'm sorry you didn't think it was funny.


  1. I think your one liners are hilarious, that one in particular. Anyone who didn't either (a) takes him/herself too seriously or (b) was born with a deficient sense of humor. Either way it's too bad.

    I do agree that you focused more on the swearing thing than anything else, but whatev. Something to keep in mind for the future.

  2. Thanks, Jon.

    See, you were able to disagree with parts of my article without any insults and without making it a personal attack! Everyone should follow your example.


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