Thursday, February 25, 2010

Pay No Attention to the Man Behind the Curtain (February 25, 2010)

So, The Daily Universe came out with a story that exposes some interesting things about the BYUSA budget. The BYUSA has long been the butt of a few campus jokes. Either a) no one has heard of BYUSA, b) people have heard of BYUSA but they don't know what BYUSA does, or c) all they know about what BYUSA does is that they hand out free hot chocolate or free hot dogs on Brigham Square every once in a while. Well, the Universe's story did more to question BYUSA's relevancy.

Of course, lots of BYUSA supporters and detractors and wrote in to give their two cents. Letters on the subject filled the entire editorial page today, so I contributed a cartoon for the page.

Here's more background on the BYUSA vs. The Daily Universe rumble:

The original story:
How is BYUSA spending student tuition dollars?
A follow-up story from The Daily Universe:
Students react to BYUSA budget

Letters to the editor in favor of BYUSA:
BYUSA not good for nothing
What's the purpose of following the money?
Unsubstantiated hearsay
Budget exaggerations
You get what you give

Letters to the editor against BYUSA:
Budget proof
Disenchanted former president
Grumble of an empty stomach

A viewpoint from BYUSA, explaining the organization's mission and purpose:
What is BYUSA?

And...the final word from The Daily Universe:
Respectful scrutiny

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