Tuesday, February 2, 2010

LA Angels Manager Mike Scioscia Visits Provo (February 2, 2010)

Here's that story about Mike Scioscia:

LA Angels manager Mike Scioscia visits Provo

It was a fun evening. It made me really jealous though! I love baseball. But I have not quite reached the level of worship that those who sat at my table have attained. I have yet to be a season ticket holder of any team or to fly all over the country and visit every professional baseball stadium ever. Maybe someday.

Also, the winners of the Cartoon Caption contest were revealed (go to page 3). We only had five responses...I hope more people participate next time. Speaking of which, Alexa at the Universe wants to do this caption contest twice a month. Which means there will be either my cartoon or my cartoon with the submitted captions every week! I'm still going to try and do my regular cartoons too.

Oh, one more thing: the sports editors asked me to do a basketball story this weekend. I get to watch Saturday's game against UNLV on TV, then listen to the KSL post-game interview for quotes. It should be a lot of fun. And it's really cool that, even though I'm assigned to swimming and gymnastics, I've already written stories on football, baseball and (coming soon) basketball.

I'm going to be the next Citizen Kane.

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