Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The House Always Wins (February 9, 2010)

The end of last week was a busy and journalistic one for me.


I covered the BYU vs. Utah swim meet. The place was packed and it was an exciting night. I also picked the event to be the subject for my COMMS 321 multimedia assignment. I took literally more than 3,000 pictures and narrowed it down to 37. The slideshow is up on the website, at the bottom of the page...although for some reason it doesn't have the captions I added.


It had been a while since I wrote about the gymnastics team, but BYU had a big home meet on Friday. The Cougars were only .075 points away from first place, which is a dramatic reversal from the problems the team had last season.

The story probably won't show up in print, but it's supposed to be posted on the website sometime this week. What's strange is there is another story about the gymnastics meet, not written by me. Hmm...not really sure what's going on there.


The sports desk asked me to cover BYU's away basketball game against UNLV. It was a lot of fun to do a basketball game, although I wish it could have been more fun to watch! UNLV scored 18 points at the start of the game before BYU made a second field goal.

So, I came up with an awesome lead for my story, but it ended up on the cutting room floor: "As they say in Vegas, the house always wins." I was so proud of myself for coming up with that! But, alas, it never came to published existence. At least those of you who read my blog know of my moment of brilliance.

(Erin was quite proud of me too, and then was more bothered than I was when the lead didn't show up in the paper. She's got my back. It's cute.)

Hmm...I just realized that something weird happened with each of my stories...
Swimming: late on the slideshow going online, and then no captions
Gymnastics: no story yet, but some mysterious story on the same meet written by some mysterious other person
Basketball: awesome lead cut out

Hmm, well, I hope you can appreciate these articles despite the discombobulation!

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