Monday, April 22, 2013

The Sixth Great Lake (plus the New Boston Tea Party, plus a shout-out to Erin)

In light of all the flooding throughout the Midwest:

Another map-themed cartoon in today's Daily Iowan. I tried to cover all the areas I knew were facing floods: Chicago, where flights were delayed at O'Hare, and Indiana, where there was a flood-related fatality, and then around here in eastern Iowa (although where we live is fine, in case you're wondering).

I also did another Boston Marathon bombing cartoon. The Daily Iowan didn't publish it today, and I don't think they can save it for later in the week, since it might be old news by then.

So I'll post it here.

Last week's saga in Boston was something, wasn't it? I wanted to draw something that showed the entire United States surrounding these two terrorists. I tried to think of something that represented 300,000,000 vs. 2. This is what I came up with.

My sister Kandis pointed out that the cartoon works in another way, because Dzokhar Tsarnaev was found in a boat. I realized, "Oh, I should have drawn a motorboat instead of an old colonial era ship!" That would have been a good idea. Oh well.

Oh, that reminds me, I should give credit where credit is due: for my Tax Day cartoon, I should publicly acknowledge that my beautiful wife Erin helped me come up with that idea. My first idea was a college kid with an accountant doing his taxes, saying something like "I wish I could hire someone to do this for my homework." But how many college students hire an accountant? So Erin thought of someone who comes to class exhausted because of working on his taxes. And that led me to think of the "hungover" element. Erin definitely helped me come up with something better than I came up with myself. Thanks, Erin!

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