Monday, February 18, 2013


The news that the International Olympic Committee is dropping wrestling from the Olympics is pretty bogus.

It especially hits home here in Iowa, where the University of Iowa has been a wrestling powerhouse for a while. The governor and one of Iowa's U.S. Representatives have vowed to respond to the IOC's decision.

Hence, today's cartoon in The Daily Iowan:

So, I'm sorry to say that even after living in Iowa for more than six months, only now as I was preparing this cartoon did I learn that our governor, Terry Branstad, looks gloriously cartoony. I'm going to have to incorporate him into more cartoons in the future.

Little known fact: I actually used to wrestle. Well, just one year. For some reason, the sports schedule my eighth grade year did not have basketball and wrestling at the same time. I had a couple of friends who wrestled, and I decided to try it out. I never won a single match, but I went from knowing absolutely nothing about wrestling to knowing how to beat someone by the end of the season. I was named "Most Improved" on the wrestling team that year.

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