Monday, February 4, 2013


And the Manti Te'o jokes continue.

So I actually drew two cartoons, one for either team winning. For some reason, The Daily Iowan has the other cartoon online ... I'm not sure if that was on purpose, so that no matter what happened, at least either the paper or the website would be correct. I was a little worried, because I saw it online first and I thought, "Oh no, they ran the wrong cartoon! I wonder if my cartoons were too confusing ..." But I was relieved to see the right one was published in the paper.*

Here's that other cartoon, in case you're curious:

Obviously, it's simply the reverse of the cartoon above. Which I could foresee as being confusing, if a newspaper editor under a looming deadline had to choose between the two.

How about that blackout, huh? I wish the Super Bowl weren't so past press deadlines, or else I definitely could have come up with a cartoon about that. (For some hilarious Twitter reactions, go here: The Funniest Tweets of the Great Super Bowl Blackout.)

* The Daily Iowan has since fixed the cartoon online.

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