Saturday, October 8, 2011

October 8 LSAT Practice

Another practice LSAT this morning. It's sort of strange to take a practice one after I've already taken a real one. But, until my score comes back and it's something amazing, I'm planning on continuing to practice and prepare for the LSAT in December.

Today, I got 162. So I tied my all-time best for the third time. Here's what's interesting though: I was a little late to the practice session this morning, which meant I had less time to do the first section, which was logic games. I had to leave blank six questions. Even then, I still got almost 70% on that section, which is higher than my average. Just for fun, later I did those six questions, and got five out of six right. So, if I had only had a little more time on that section, I probably would have got 91% on that section, and would have had a 164 overall. So close!

Also after the test, I tried to remember some specifics about the real test last Saturday. I have a feeling that I probably got five or six wrong on each section. If that's the case, then I got somewhere between 74 and 80 correct, which would be right at 162 or higher. In other words, I'm predicting that my score is 162 or higher. I've got my fingers crossed!

Once again, here are my charts:

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