Thursday, October 20, 2011

Birthday LSAT

I turned 25 on Saturday. It was a great day, thanks to Erin. She was even able to slip in a few surprises. (You can read more about it here.)

Unfortunately, I also had a bummer on the morning of my birthday. I went to take another practice LSAT for my prep class, and I scored lower than I had been the past three weeks. I got a 159, which I know isn't terrible but still disappointing to me.

What really made it disappointing was not so much that I got a 159, but that as I went over my wrong answers, I found so many dumb mistakes. There were so many questions I missed simply because I wasn't paying attention. In fact, I tried to count the questions I would have answered correctly if only I had focused more, and I estimated that I would have had a 166.

I blame the lack of focus on lack of sleep. And I blame the lack of sleep on school. Even in my long 25 years of life, I've rarely felt mad because of school. I've felt stressed or overwhelmed, but not mad. But I was mad on Saturday morning.

I guess I should be reassured, though, that a good night's sleep was the only thing I needed, and not that the test was incomprehensible or over my head.

Here's the latest charts!


  1. When do you expect to hear from the real one? I'm getting anxious.

  2. You're getting anxious? Haha. Then you can imagine how I am right now.

    So I've heard a few different things. says Oct. 26. You told me it usually comes earlier. And my LSAT prep teacher said they say it will come on a Monday but it usually comes the Friday before. Oct. 26 is a Wednesday, so I'm not sure if what my teacher said will come into play.

    But, basically, it should be any day now.

    Thanks for the law school fair advice, I plan on blogging about that soon. So stay tuned!


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