Thursday, July 21, 2011

More than a month later

Well, now that it's been 36 days since we left New York City, it's about time I do some blogging. (And about time I get 'Rodent Derrieres' off the front page of my blog.)

So, my last few days at The Brooklyn Paper, I was super busy. I think at one time, I had six assignments at once. I didn't mind being the diligent intern who took every assignment, and some of them were pretty fun.

Here's my last few assignments at The Brooklyn Paper that I have yet to include on the blog:

Lawyer-rocker leads 10-day BoCoCa Arts Festival

I realize now that my favorite stories for The Brooklyn Paper are the ones that let me talk to really interesting people, like the Bumbys or the Austrian pillow fighters. This time, I was writing a preview for the upcoming BoCoCa Arts Festival, and found that one of the many performers, Andrew Mancilla, is a guitarist, pianist...and an attorney.

Here's a video of Andrew performing, from the BoCoCa Arts Festival website:

He was really nice to talk to. We only converse over email, but he was one of my great sources in New York who answered every question and was really helpful. And he even emailed me after the story was published to thank me, and asked me to do lunch with him sometime. (I had to let him know that I wasn't going to be in New York for much longer.)

Man, it's hot out there!

My editor asked me to do a weather update to go on the website, in the middle of a bad heat wave around June 9. But I didn't really understand what he was asking me to do, I guess, because he changed basically everything I wrote. Even though I wasn't much help, he was nice enough to put my name on it anyway.

Pay the ferryman! New East River service begins

This one was really fun. I was sent to the dock under the Brooklyn Bridge at 8 am on my second-to-last day, and I just rode the ferry all morning. There were some beautiful views, and I got some amazing photos. (I got the interviews, and Aaron Short wrote the story.)

(Photo by me:
The makings of a man

Some information I compiled for the Father's Day edition. It was a little weird for me to write about how great Brooklyn's cigar shops are, haha.

Un bagel? Qu'est ce que c'est un bagel?

For some reason, the people behind the B&B Empire Bagel Company were really hard to communicate with, like they didn't want any publicity for their brand new bagel shop. And I also had a tough time researching to find out how many bagel shops were in that neighborhood, and find information about an old bagel shop in the area that closed down. (It would have been much easier if I had lived in Brooklyn for decades, like my editor has.) In the end, it got published, but with a few mistakes that my editor emailed me about while I was en route to home in Utah. :S So, not my proudest moment at the paper. But here it is anyway.

77th Precinct Blotter - June 15, 2011

For my last time doing the Police Blotter, I went to the NYPD 77th Precinct, which is Prospect Heights.

The police reports I wrote up led me to this story:

Cops target Prospect Heights potheads

I literally was asked to write this story with only three hours left of my internship. So I didn't get a whole lot done, but Thomas Tracy finished it up.

Pole position: City says Verizon skirted the law with major totems

Even though I didn't write this story, I sure spent a lot of time on it. I spent almost all day Friday interviewing neighbors about some new Verizon telephone poles put up on Milton Street, a historic part of Greenpoint. They only used one quote I got, and they didn't put my name on the story. But they did use a photo I took.

(Photo by me:
Oh, the glamorous life I led in New York City, taking pictures of telephone poles. :P


So, there you have it. My two months at The Brooklyn Paper. The experience was invaluable. I was incredibly lucky to get to be a newspaper reporter in Brooklyn. I learned so much, and I gained so many memories that I will never forget.

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