Friday, April 29, 2011

That said, I actually love New York.

That said, I actually love New York.

The greatest city in the world can be a little intimidating. I've had some big city experience, most recently a brief Daily Universe excursion to New Orleans. But there's something about New York that makes it different. It's unique, even among other giant cities. So much has happened and does happen here, and the rest of the world knows so much about it. Anyone who doesn't live under a rock feels like they've been here, but that's definitely just a feeling. Being here is something else. And it's great.

I still can't believe sometimes that I'm here. The Empire State Building is out my window, I spied the Statue of Liberty from the Brooklyn shore the other day, my family and I perused Times Square, I even walked by Rockefeller Center after I got a little lost this morning on my way to a story assignment (an assignment that, by the way, was under the Manhattan Bridge). And there's tons more that's just waiting to be seen. And, despite the fact that I did get lost this morning, I'm actually very comfortable with the subway system here. With a monthly unlimited pass, I can go anywhere I want in the city. It's amazing.

Another amazing aspect of the city has been the people. New Yorkers might have been the part of New York I was the most worried about. There's a reputation for rudeness from this town. I expected that as a country hick from Utah, and with a wife and baby even though I'm not even 25, I would just get in the way of these people. But mostly I've seen the exact opposite. The whole city loves Allisyn, and everyone has been super nice and helpful. I think the people here know their city is special, and they're happy to show it off and welcome others to it. They take pride in being hosts to newcomers like us.

Also, I really like Brooklyn. My first assignment was to go down to a new commercial building by a new park to take some photos, and on the way back our editor told us to pick up lunch at a small neighborhood place called Iris Cafe. Iris Cafe was so flowery and idealistic. People coming in with their kids and strollers, Rachel the owner knowing everybody's was like the Sesame Street kind of New York. I loved it.

It was also really cool to be at the royal wedding viewing party in Brooklyn this morning. It seemed like the sort of thing that could only happen in Brooklyn. And, even though the royal wedding wasn't a huge deal to me, now I have a unique story about how I watched it.

Before I came here, I thought I'd love working in New York but wouldn't necessarily want to live here. What's funny is now, I love living here too.

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