Friday, April 8, 2011

A Quick One-Two of Basketball Stories

I wrote two basketball stories in two days this week. The first one was the most exciting, I got to go to the press conference announcing coach Dave Rose's new contract with BYU.

BYU keeps coach Rose for basketball future

There weren't too many surprises. But I did really like this quote from President Cecil O. Samuelson:

“Since we believe that he is the finest coach at any level in the country, whatever he’s paid he will be underpaid economically,” Samuelson said. “We also believe that BYU’s a very special place, and the coach recognizes that.”

It was a really nice compliment. Plus it shut up reporters like me who wanted to get clues to the actual dollar amounts, haha.

Then, the next day, I wrote this quick blurb about Jimmer being up for the Wooden Award:

Will Jimmer win the Wooden Award tonight?

I also mentioned the appearance on Jimmy Kimmel Live, before I had actually seen it since it didn't air until about ten hours after I wrote the story. The Jimmer cameo was kind of lame, but Jimmer handled it well. He was a lot more talkative than Kemba was. (And I appreciated that Jimmy Kimmel's show was pretty appropriate...until after the conversation with Jimmer.)

(The screen shot shows Vin Diesel, Jimmy Kimmel's first guest. But I promise that if you play the video, it will show the Jimmer cameo.)

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